Gite des Buissonnets - cercle St Thiébaut (par Steinby)

Legend :
Ferme Auberge des Buissonnets
Cercle Saint Thiébaut

Difficulty ratingEasy

Distance (in km) 8.1

Elevation gain + (in m) 96

Elevation loss - (in m) 455

Length (3.5 km/h) 2h20

along the way
Buissonnets Inn
GPS data - 47.80784,7.02738
The Ferme-Auberge Buissonnets is situated on the southern slopes of the Rossberg massif, near the village Bourbach-le-Haut and the Hundsruck pass. The farm is embedded in pastures, and keeps many kinds of farm animals.

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Hundsruck mountain pass
GPS data - 47.80622,7.04226
The Hundsruck mountain pass lies at 748m forms the passage between the valleys of the Thur and the Doller. Cyclists climbing the pass regulary. The french army built this road, called Joffre Road, to supply the front at Hartmannswillerkopf during the First Wor...
Teufelskanzel rock
GPS data - 47.80842,7.04609
Nearby Hundruck pass, the Teufelskanzel rock has volcanic origins. Its name has Germanic roots and means devils pulpit.
Missions Cross
GPS data - 47.80974,7.09093

The Missions Cross (Croix de Mission), on the territory of the municipality Thann, was built in 1950 by scouts and destroyed by the storm in 1999. In 2003 the cross was rebuilt with the support of the French National Forest Service (Office national des forêts)

View of the Thann from the Lorraine cross
GPS data - 47.80871,7.09637

The Cross of Lorraine (Croix de Lorraine) was inaugurated by General de Gaulle in 1949 in memory of all the fighters who fought during World War 2 in this place. It is a monument of Alsatian resistance. The cross is illuminated and can be seen from Thann.

Collegiate Church of Thann
GPS data - 47.81128,7.10160

Located at the bottom of the Thur Valley and at the foot of the Vosges, Thann invites you to discover the charm of an old alsatian fortified town.

One of the most important relgious buildings of the town is the Collegiate church of Saint-Thiébaut. It is a j

Cercle St Thiebaut
GPS data - 47.80794,7.10154

The lodge “Cercle St Thiebaut” is located near the train station and downtown Thann, not far from the hikingtrail GR5. It is a point of departure and a destination or a stopover for hikers. Due to its location, the hostel can be easily reached by bus from all