The Vosgien Club

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Founded in 1872, the Vosgien Club is a non profit making organization. The association takes care of the hiking trails, more than 20 000 km itinerary, extended over 7 districts in the East of France: Moselle, Meurthe-et-Moselle, Vosges, Haute-Saône, Territoire de Belfort, Haut-Rhin and Bas-Rhin.

The Vosgien Club and theirs thousands of volonteers take care of the upkeep of the trails. The protection of the natural and cultural sights are also urgent matters of the Vosgien Club.

Another mission of the organization is the development of nature activities and hiking. In cooperation with the IGN (National Geographic Institut) the Vosgien Club has published several topographic maps of the hiking trails.