hiking tips

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You are about to discover the Vosges Mountains, situated in the Regional Natural Park Ballons des Vosges. This natural reserve has a rich flora and fauna and amazing cultural sights. To protect this fragile place, you should take the following advices:

  • Pick up your garbage and leave places as you found them.
  • Use only the marked paths. Do not take short cuts to avoid erosion.
  • Do not pick flowers, their are much better in their natural environment and look more beautiful.
  • Close the gates behind you, to avoid that animals might escape.
Prepare your hike

Before depature:
  • Choose an itinerary according to your physical fitness and condition.
  • Locate the itinerary on a map and inform yourself about the difficulty rating.
  • Inform yourself about the weather forecast
  • Take warm and waterproof cloths, hiking shoes, sun protection, water and a snack
  • Tell somebody about your itinerary and the time you might be back
  • Never go on a hike alone.
Along the way:
  •  Drink regulary
  • Stay realstic in view of difficulties (weather and exhaustion) and be able to give up.
Estimate the duration of your trail:

The hiking time given on the site of Hautes Vosges Randonnées is calculated with a walking speed of 3.5km/h, which corresponds to an unpractised hiker with a small pack back.
It's possible that the duration of the walk might not correspond to your hiking expériences, depending on the elevation gain or your physical condition.

Level Walking speed
on the flat
Walking speed
down hill
Walking speed
up hill
Beginner 1,2 to 2,5 km 150 to 250 m/h 300 to 400m/h
Moderate 2,5 to 4,0 km 250 to 350 m/h 400 to 550m/h
Advanced more than 4,0 km/h more than 350m/h more than 550m/h
  • Easy: less than 3hours walk (not including rest stops), lenght less than 10km and elevation gain less than 400m.
  • Moderate: between 2 and 4,5 hours walk, lenght less than 15km and elevation gain less than 700m.
  • Difficult: between 4.5 and 6 hours walk, length less than 15 or 20km, elevation gain more than 700m.
  • Very difficult: more than 6hours walk, length more than 20km.