The charter of our network

1. Principles Vosges Hiking
. Establish the Vosges as a dynamic place and reference for hiking accessible for the whole family.
2. Establish the concept as a "green" route which is significant to the region (eg wine route).

3. The concept is based on the rural heritage of a pristine and culturally rich region imbedded in a nature reserve
4. Develop joint marketing activities complemented by offering full and high-quality service
5. Develop a targeted product for families who do not practice hiking intensively.
6. Propose short steps: possibility to find accommodation within 3 hours of walking. The hikers can if they wish, extend their passages.
7. Offer "à la carte" itinerary: hikers may
create their own tour depending on their needs and availability.
8. Propose quality services of accommodation equivalent to comfort with a star (sanitary rooms for 2 max).
9. Propose scalable hosting services, catering and services: * accomodation without boarding means, half board, full board, laundry service, discovery tours, possibility of guided hiking ...

* Only for the Cercle St Thiebaut in Thann

2- Quality Hosting
1. The chambers of 2 to 4 beds, provide access to a sanitary room (shower, sink and toilet) shared, at most, with another room of the same capacity.
2. The house provides a minimum accommodation capacity of 15-25 beds per cottage. The service is complementary to the dorm rooms from 2 to 4 beds. The dorms are ancillary products.
3. The cottage offers quality services of a hotel close to a star-quality bed, bed linen changed for each customer, hot shower, bath towel, ...
4. The house is equipped with an emergency telephone and internet access for guests.
5. The cottage offers a recreation area for reading, games, documentation, discussions. The documentation must value the Vosges mountains and the local culture.
6. The cottage is equipped with a drying space. If the house has the capability, it may propose a laundry service in addition to the stay.
7. The cottage provides customers with bedsheets and a towel in the basic package for each room. Bed sheets include: quilt cover, pillow case, fitted sheet.
8. The cottage is equipped to host bicycles. If the house has the capability, it offers welcome service for horses and donkeys (or ring fenced park).
9. The cottage will ensure consistency of the furniture and its quality. Furniture is made of local wood species in accordance with the mountain heritage and territory.
10. Lodgings that are not connected to the grid provide minimum comfort blanket (light, hot water, hand washing). This coverage is provided either by a generator and / or solar panels.
11. The lodge meets the safety standards of an institution that welcomes the public.

Catering *:
12. The cottage is equipped with a professional kitchen to prepare meal for 25 and 50 people. Cottages that are already equipped with a kitchen, ensure that the equipment meets the standards. Cottages which cannot offer meals, may propose a catering formula, or provide a list of establishments within 5 min walking distance..
13. The cottage has a dining-hall with a capacity of 25 to 50 people minimum per meal.
14. The lodge offers a variety of meals throughout the week
15. The cottage offers menus / dishes typical of the region. This service allows customers to discover the culinary heritage. Exceptional culinary activities can be arranged (local festival, exploring seasonal products, tradition).
16. The cottage offers packed lunch *. If the packed lunch comes in a returnable box, the refundable deposit can be redeemed with the next house operator. If the house does not offer packed lunch, it must provide a list of lodges providing this service within 5 min walking distance.

* Except Circle St Thiebaut in Thann

3. Welcome of guests
1. HVR ensures lodging from 1. of April to 15. of November , from 1 of May to 1 of October daily lodging is provided.

2. Guests book and pay their rooms before they start their hiking tour. This way it is guaranteed that the accommodation meets the guests expectations. Hikers who have not booked in advance depend on availability of rooms.
3.The lodge has staff to act as contact persons throughout the whole season.
4.The interior and exterior of each lodge is maintained adequately (cleanliness, equipment, ambience, green area)
5.The lodge ensures pleasant temperatures in all rooms.
6.The lodge can provide information on the region and the surrounding nature based on the standards of eco-tourism.