Gite du Gustiberg - église de Ventron

Legend :
Auberge du Gustiberg
Eglise de Ventron

Difficulty ratingModerate

Distance (in km) 10.6

Elevation gain + (in m) 341

Elevation loss - (in m) 671

Length (3.5 km/h) 3h00

along the way
GPS data - 47.89331,6.92850
A breathtaking panorama
L'Auberge du Gustiberg is situated on a height of 980m and offers a great view of the Thur valley and the Bussang mountain pass, the natural border between Alsace and Lorraine. It is also a good spot for paragliding.

An institution
Ramblers to Drumont
GPS data - 47.90178,6.92233

The Drumont is the highest peak of the Vosges massif (1200 m) and offers a wide panorama of the Alsace and Lorraine. From its viewpoint you have a beautiful view of the Ballon d'Alsace, the Ross Mountain, the Grand Ballon and you may even see the Bernese Alps.

Museum of textile in Ventron
GPS data - 47.94087,6.87151

Ventron is first of all known for the hermitage “Brother Joseph” (Frère Joseph). It was built in 1757 by residents in honor of the kindness of Pierre Joseph Formet, who had been chased away from his own family.
The Textile Museum shows all the tricks of the s

GPS data - 47.94018,6.87164