Gite du Gazon vert - Office de tourisme de Saint-Maurice S/ Moselle

Legend :
Auberge gîte du Gazon vert
Office de tourisme de St Maurice s/ Moselle

Difficulty ratingDifficult

Distance (in km) 15.0

Elevation gain + (in m) 459

Elevation loss - (in m) 846

Length (3.5 km/h) 4h15

along the way
GPS data - 47.85219,6.92745
Relaxing on the lake front of lake perches
GPS data - 47.84626,6.92312

The Lake Perches, also called Sternsee (lake of the stars), is located in an old glacial cirque at 1000 meters altitude. Its name isn't due to the fish of the same name but to a transmission error. It should have been called “Bers”, the name of a pasture nearb

Rouge-Gazon pasture (chaume)
GPS data - 47.85425,6.91699
The Rouge-Gazon pastures dominates the Perches lake. It may have its name from a bloddy battle taking place here during the Thirty Years War and the red grass.
Three Musketeers
GPS data - 47.86004,6.90057
The legend tells that four brave men, wich fought in the Thirty Years War, died after being tied at the bottom of this fir. It was cut at man's height and grew in four branches to show the courage of these men.
Fountain of the Three Wise Men
GPS data - 47.85972,6.89493
Hikers refresh at the fountain of the Three Wise Men. Water is coming out of a branch, looking like a swans neck.