Gite du Gazon vert - gite du Gustiberg

Legend :
Auberge gîte du Gazon vert
Auberge du Gustiberg

Difficulty ratingDifficult

Distance (in km) 13.2

Elevation gain + (in m) 774

Elevation loss - (in m) 766

Length (3.5 km/h) 3h45

along the way
GPS data - 47.85219,6.92745
Gazon vert pasture (chaume)
GPS data - 47.85609,6.92295
The Gazon Vert pasture is situated in an glacial circus. The site is surrounded by big fallen rocks. Water is flowing from a peat bog to a cascade below.
Rouge-Gazon pasture (chaume)
GPS data - 47.85425,6.91699
The Rouge-Gazon pastures dominates the Perches lake. It may have its name from a bloddy battle taking place here during the Thirty Years War and the red grass.
Ramblers to Drumont
GPS data - 47.90178,6.92233

The Drumont is the highest peak of the Vosges massif (1200 m) and offers a wide panorama of the Alsace and Lorraine. From its viewpoint you have a beautiful view of the Ballon d'Alsace, the Ross Mountain, the Grand Ballon and you may even see the Bernese Alps.

GPS data - 47.89331,6.92850
A breathtaking panorama
L'Auberge du Gustiberg is situated on a height of 980m and offers a great view of the Thur valley and the Bussang mountain pass, the natural border between Alsace and Lorraine. It is also a good spot for paragliding.

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