Vallon du Graber

Stade d'Oberbruck
Auberge de Graber - Gite d'étape

Difficulty ratingEasy

Distance (in km) 11,5

Length in Days (3.5 km/h) 2

Length in Days/Nights (3.5 km/h) 1

along the way
Day Nr. 1
GPS data - 47.80719,6.94316
Graber Inn
GPS data - 47.79471,6.90612

On the sunny side
The Graber hostel is located on the southern side of the Masevaux valley, nearby the Doller source.The Bittel familiy took over the lodge to preserve local traditions.

The architecture is an example of farms from the late 19th century. Th

Day Nr. 2
GPS data - 47.80719,6.94316