Mountain agriculture

  • Vosgienne cow
  • Vosgienne cow
  • Mountain goat
  • Making cheese at Langenberg farm
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An old tradition
Mainly dairy cows are kept in the Vosges mountains. The majority of agricultural land is composed of natural mountain meadows, which are located at a high altitude, the so called Hautes Chaumes. These pastures are traditionally used in the summer and belonged to the so-called marcairies (Summer farms) which have now been converted to mountain inns and mountain huts.

Local products
The Vosgienne cow is known for its robustness and famous for the cheese. It can particulary well adapt to the harsh mountain climate. 60 farmers produce AOC Munster or Bargkass (mountain cheese), others meat, some have specialized in herbs and medicinal plants. The mountain inns and many markets and farmers shops offer local products: vegetables, wine, fruit juice, honey ...Besides boht the farmers shop in the Wesserling park and the regional markets offer this kind of local products.