Les Hautes Chaumes

  • Chaume of Rossberg
  • Haute Chaume (high meadows)
  • chaumes belacker paths

At the summit of the Ballon d'Alsace
Above 1000 meters, you can find high meadows, known as Hautes-Chaumes, wide grasslands, with a few beeches resisting the extreme weather conditions.

Primary or secondary
Above 1,200 meters, only a few plants survive wind and humidity. The primary high stalks (chaumes primaires) cover naturally about 300 ha. The secondary high stubbles (chaumes secondaires) date back to ancient agricultural reclamation and cover approximately 5000 ha. These areas are of great ecological interest and contribute to the attractiveness of the Vosges Massif.

Flower meadows
The high stubbles (Hautes Chaumes) are the natural habitat of a unique flora in Europe, consisting of two types of stubble. Primary stalks consist of white Pulsatilla (Pasque flowers), blueberries, cranberries, bog and heather. Secondary grasses (chaumes secondaires) such as Gentian, Arnica or Alpine Fennel are popular in mountain farming...