Gite du Graber - Cosec de Giromagny

Legend :
Gite d'étape du Graber
Cosec de Giromagny

Difficulty ratingDifficult

Distance (in km) 15.8

Elevation gain + (in m) 543

Elevation loss - (in m) 720

Length (3.5 km/h) 4h30

along the way
Graber Inn
GPS data - 47.79471,6.90612

On the sunny side
The Graber hostel is located on the southern side of the Masevaux valley, nearby the Doller source.The Bittel familiy took over the lodge to preserve local traditions.

The architecture is an example of farms from the late 19th century. Th

Doller source
GPS data - 47.78074,6.90848
The Doller source is situated at a heigth of 922m. The first catchment of water was in 1906. Since then, the water supplies the city of Mulhouse and its surroundings.
Ruins of Château du Rosemont
GPS data - 47.76136,6.86298

The castle (Château du Rosemont) is located on the slopes of the Ballon d'Alsace and was apparently built by Louis de Mousson, Count of Montbéliard. The remains consist of a square tower in the east with two or three floors, and 1.50 m thick walls as well as t

 	Chateau Ritter
GPS data - 47.74836,6.83813

This castle was built in 1900 by the architect Constant Tisserand, in neogothic style and using ferroconcrete as building material. It belonged to the family until 1947, it was then bought by the city of Belfort. Today a childrens summer camp is housed in the

GPS data - 47.74169,6.83559