Gare de Wesserling - gite du Gazon vert (par le Chauvelin)

Legend :
Gare d'Husseren Wesserling
Auberge du Gazon Vert-gîte d'étape

Difficulty ratingDifficult

Distance (in km) 11.1

Elevation gain + (in m) 742

Elevation loss - (in m) 234

Length (3.5 km/h) 3h10

along the way
GPS data - 47.88964,6.99746
Museum for textiles
GPS data - 47.88472,6.99657

The Wesserling Park, a former industrial site, has a textile museum, the house of the former industry, remarkable gardens and creative workshops. He was nominated in the television broadcast "the most beautiful monuments of France".
The park offers year-round

Turning mill  wheel
GPS data - 47.87700,6.95711
Storckensohn is a typical mountain village and preserved the "savoir faire" of manifacturing nuts oil. The mill was built in 1732 and works with water energy. Visitors can admire the manifacturing of juice and oil.

Gourmands be ready: The visitors store enc...
Gazon vert pasture (chaume)
GPS data - 47.85609,6.92295
The Gazon Vert pasture is situated in an glacial circus. The site is surrounded by big fallen rocks. Water is flowing from a peat bog to a cascade below.
Auberge gite du Gazon Vert
GPS data - 47.85219,6.92745
An exceptional natural site
The Gazon Vert lodge is situated at 928m in a greenery surrounding. The traditional construction has been preserved as well as the view from above over the Storckensohn valley. Gazon Vert is different from the other lodges of the H...