Gite du Graber - église de Masevaux (par le lac et le Schlumpf)

Legend :
Gite d'étape du Graber
Eglise de Masevaux

Difficulty ratingModerate

Distance (in km) 12.3

Elevation gain + (in m) 474

Elevation loss - (in m) 719

Length (3.5 km/h) 3h30

along the way
Graber Inn
GPS data - 47.79471,6.90612

On the sunny side
The Graber hostel is located on the southern side of the Masevaux valley, nearby the Doller source.The Bittel familiy took over the lodge to preserve local traditions.

The architecture is an example of farms from the late 19th century. Th

Schlumpf ski resort
GPS data - 47.79339,6.92267

The Schlumpf ski resort at Dolleren, is located between 675m and 1012m altitude and has three slopes:
- La Verdure, a red slope with an average gradient of 30%
- La Dolleroise, a green slope
- A toboggan run

Doller source
GPS data - 47.78074,6.90848
The Doller source is situated at a heigth of 922m. The first catchment of water was in 1906. Since then, the water supplies the city of Mulhouse and its surroundings.
Lake Lachtelweiher
GPS data - 47.77745,6.93067

The Lachtelweiher is the most southern lake of the Vosges. According to geologists the rocks that form the natural dam of the lake came from a landslide.

According to a legend, the stones on the shore turn into gold. The stone of the famous philosopher, lie

Town centre of Masevaux
GPS data - 47.77472,6.99740

Masevaux, is the central place of the Doller valley and is an idyllic place: the Grange Burcklé is a good location for music and theater events; the Catholic church performs each year the Passion of Jesus in German language; the Church of St. Martin organizes

GPS data - 47.77524,6.99647
GPS data - 47.77616,6.99577